Opal-Essence Cabinet Knob

Opal-Essence Cabinet Knob

from 21.00

Black opals are one of the rarest gemstones, so what if you could have the "essence" of a fiery black opal using stained glass?  Bits of shimmering, iridescent glass are "inlaid" between jet black opague glass creating the look of a gemmy black opal mosaic, totally dressing up your décor!  When the light hits the glass - GORGEOUS!  Available in two sizes, 1" and 1-1/2" round.  The smaller knob is made to enhance a jewery box or a jewelry armoire and the larger knob is made for your cabinetry.  Mounting screw included, no grout

1" Knob = $21.00

1-1/2" Knob = $24.00

Due to the characteristics of iridescent glass, a variation of color saturation, tone and hue will be reflected within each glass piece but comparable to what is pictured.

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