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I began working with stained glass in the late 1970's, creating basic sun-catchers, glass panels, and after much practice and many band-aids later, the Tiffany-Style stained glass lamp shade. Having several years of glass cutting behind me, the leftover scraps began piling up in ice-cream buckets and coffee cans.

In the mid 90's a new trend was beginning to take shape in the stained glass world, mosaic stepping stones; an excellent outlet to use all that scrap glass. I made many of these stained glass mosaic stepping stones in all shapes and sizes and sold them at a local garden center.

When looking at a picture of one of the round stepping-stones, I realized, "I can make these same designs on a much smaller scale and a lot less heavy!" That is how the idea of making cabinet knobs in stained glass came into being.

Today, almost 30 years later, I'm creating fashionable and elegant decorative hardware using the timeless art of stained glass and mosaic tiles to make your home or office a little more beautiful. Each piece that moves through my hand is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail. Slight variations may occur as each knob and pull is fashioned by hand, but generally, you will find notable consistency in each of these glass art pieces.

Glace Yar Stained Glass Cabinet Knobs and Pulls might very well make unloading the dishwasher an enjoyable experience!

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Debbie Plunkett - Owner/Designer

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