1" x 1" Glass Sample Pieces - Up to 10 Pieces - $4.95

We can provide samples of the actual stained glass used in our knobs and pulls allowing you to preview what your hardware color/colors will look like before making a final purchase. Simply send us the knob product number from the gallery shown on left side of this page. 

Custom Glass Requests

You can also request glass color combinations to match with your personal room decor.  Simply  contact us with your glass color preference and type of glass you would like such as, clear, opaque, irirdescent, Van Gogh, etc.  We will assist you in choosing your glass pieces.

1-1/2" Finished Discs and Squares - $10.50 Each

And finally, you can order a finished glass disc or square for half the cost of a completed knob.  This disc is just the top of the glass knob only, no base/stem is attached.  Discs and squares are available in all of the knobs shown on our web site along with your requested color and glass type combinations. 

Should you decide to place an order after receiving your glass pieces or glass discs, any payments made toward samples will be deducted from your final order. You can either keep your sample disc/square and glue a magnet on the back to use as you like, or return the sample piece to us and we will use that piece to make your knob along with the rest of your order, again, crediting your sample payment towards your order.


1" x 1" Glass Sample Pieces -  Maximum of ten (10) = $4.95 (includes shipping and handling.  International orders - $25.00 shipping charge)

1-1/2"  Glass Disc or Square = $10.50 per disc/square (includes shipping and handling.  International orders - $25.00 shipping charge)

How to Order

Simply contact us as to what type of samples you would like and we will send an invoice for payment through PayPal.  Orders for samples cannot be done off of the web site or you will be charged for a complete knob and shipping.